a diagram of floating stones

a diagram of floating stones

As Artists in Residence at the University College London Environment Institute, artist collective ~ in the fields were researching a variety of phenomena relating to plastic pollution in the oceans and ocean gyres. With a series of different art works they reflect upon the “awayness” of plastic garbage in the collective memory – once it is thrown away – and its persistence (as a rarely degrading material) in the oceans and on the beaches.

~ in the fields found the starting point for a diagram of floating stones on the Shetland Islands. In March 2011 ~ in the fields visited 23 beaches, collecting for the beaches geologically typical stones and plastic litter. The material was then used to create the installation.

photo: Chris Scott

a diagram of floating stones (Breiwick)

The installation a diagram of floating stones makes a particular reference to the aquariums of Victorian oceanographic scientists as old media of observation, research and (dis)play. Within glass tanks the found stones are kept in Shetland lace knitted “bags”, like fishing nets.

The stones hover in the water because of the connected plastic’s bouyancy.

a diagram of floating stones was realised during a residency at the Forum for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh and exhibited during the Edinburgh Art Festival 2012 at Inspace.
Work and research was supported by UCL Environment Institute, London.
photo no 3 & photo “Breiwick”: Chris Scott
photo no 1 & 2, 4–10: ~ in the fields


Work: Medium: , 2010–12

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