i-ko captures the poetic transition of winter turning to spring.

i-ko comprises 200 spinning images in the form of a thaumatrope. A thaumatrope was a toy popular in Victorian times. Traditionally, it comprised of a disc made from card with a picture on each side, attached to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly two pictures appear to combine into a single image, due to persistence of vision.

One side of the thaumatropes in i-ko depicts leafless shoots stemming from the branches of a cherry tree, the other side red cherry blossoms. Each thaumatrope is powered by a solar panel which is positioned on the roof of Southport Health Centre. The cherry blossom is used as a symbol of the changing of the seasons and sunlight brings the work to life.

i-kō was commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology).
Work: Medium: , , , , , 2009

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