Time for a summary of what this Natural Bennachie art & science collaboration is about – we are interested in the methods how the scientists are working, but mainly the part of the process where they start to make decisions, where knowledge is been made. Also how it is further visualised and designed through diagrams or in the display of artefacts in collections. In short – the aesthetic of knowledge order systems. Then there is Bennachie with all the made-ness of landscape and it’s history of being created (and called ‘nature’).
 Also interesting is the relation between micro and macro in this project: Bennachie with the prominent heights of hills like Mither Tap and Oxen Craig in Aberdeenshire, but then to look into microscopes to see pollen grains – to find out something about the Bennachie’s (anthropogenic) past environment.
Apart from that, the pollen grains look really beautiful.

Category art & science, artists in residence

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