ogaki green

The island summer sets
everything in motion, a breeze
moves smallest flowers,
lazy grasses, a restless
sky keeps daubing greys
and blues and greens the sea
keeps up with, jittery
butterflies jink
over steady watercourses
and, sooner or later, rain.

Ken Cockburn, in: ink (2010)

ink (detail) ~ in the fields

~ in the fields‘ work ink as well as the book ink (in collaboration with Ken Cockburn) are infused with the colour blue. Deep blue, blue liquid, backlit blue. “This poetry of transition, which links the surreal pleasure in absurd precision engineering with the blue flower of romanticism…” (Dr. Gora Jain: Laudatio on the occasion of the conferral of the University of the Arts, Berlin Award for Interdisciplinary Art and Science to ~ in the fields).

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