pollution & contamination

Plastic Pollution (Garthvoe, Shetland Islands)

Pollution and the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment, are topics (and aesthetics) ~ in the fields is interested in.

In March 2011 ~ in the fields travelled to the Shetland Islands, visiting 23 beaches, collecting for the beach typical stones and plastic litter. The material was used to create the installation A diagram of floating stones (2010–12).

It was an interesting experience to take photos of the beautiful beaches (hiding the plastic), but then to look out for specific plastic findings, curiosities and “pretty” arrangements.

Meal Beach, West Burra (Shetland Islands)

Brae Wick, Northmavine (Shetland Islands)

Sandwick, Unst (Shetland Islands)

Mail (Shetland Islands)

Bridge of Walls (Shetland Islands)

Another artwork dealing with oceanic plastic pollution is drifts through debris – a collaboration with the writer Ken Cockburn and the dancers Sue Hawksley and Tony Mills.

this is the place
the currents manoeuvre
everything you’d hoped
had been assimilated
back to the surface
the opposite of forgiveness

Ken Cockburn for ~ in the fields, in 2012

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