A cluster of responsive thaumatropes fills the space. Each of the thaumatrope boxes contains immaculately detailed hand painted miniatures. They depict scenes viewed from a bay window overlooking Easter Road in Leith.

The images become sculptures, space and sounds. As the visitor approaches, at once fleeting and ephemeral, these painted miniatures begin to turn. Their solar powered spin is governed by the strength of the sunlight. Moments from everyday life suddenly appear.

Thaumatrope: Uriel in motion

Together with the spinning thaumatropes the sounds of Leith and comments drift through the air whilst visitors are moving: Uriel stands at the gate of Eden. He is patron of the arts, angel of poetry – an old man attempts to manage his daily route with the help of a walker… silence – A swan is flying between the houses creating a huge shadow on the wall… One can hear Police sirens as roaring Hibernian fans fill the street after the football match… A drunken mother doesn‘t want to talk to her even drunker daughter… Somebody is always sitting behind the curtains watching TV– When you see the news about terrorism on TV you won‘t leave the flat. An excavator demolishes the industrial units at the back of the house – there will be 2-3 bedroom flats with own parking soon… where will the children play?
just is just about what you see when you look out of the window.

just is about what just happens on the street and within the window-frame of the flat opposite yours. Just is a cluster of thaumatropes showing miniature moments in two moving images, each with a little sound piece. All of them are details of this view out of the bay window. They are film-clips without celluloid or video in a dark room. They are daylight cinema.

Don‘t sit. Move!

just was shown during the Velocity Festival 2007 in Lancaster and the Signals in the City Exhibition in Dundee 2008. just is commissioned by folly and realised during the residency at Stills, Edinburgh.
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