~ in the fields exhibition during the Edinburgh Art Festival

For this exhibition ~ in the fields reinvent old media, modify ancient, odd machines and play with optical toys. They found the starting point for this exhibition on the Shetland Islands leading them to investigate the very elements and definition of Scottish landscape and seascape.
This body of work takes on the old notions of observation, research and (dis)play. In two of their installations, the artists have chosen to make particular reference to the aquariums of Victorian oceanographic scientists and the 16th century bookwheel of Agostino Ramelli.
A third work is a networked device inspired by the 19th century myriorama card game. Visitors to the exhibition are able to create seamless panoramas depicting idealized Scottish landscapes which can then be viewed through a tourist telescope located in St Andrew Square.
Recipients of the inaugural Alt-w Design Informatics residency. The telescope was co-commissioned by New Media Scotland and Edinburgh Art Festival. The Alt-w Fund is managed by New Media Scotland with investment from Creative Scotland and the Centre for Design Informatics.

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